New Home Maintenance Schedule

This schedule is provided as a guideline and should not be considered exhaustive. To help you accomplish recommended new home maintenance, post this list near your air conditioner unit. Review it each month when you change or clean the a/c filter.

Clean and test smoke alarms
Test and reset all GFI plugs
Clean and change furnace filter
Or as directed by manufacturer's literature
Operate air conditioner system 24 hours a day, to control humidity        
Inspect heat system       X Early in the fall
Inspect air conditioning system, including coils, overflow pan and condensation line       X Early in the spring
Inspect site drainage to insure water is draining away from your home     X   Or following heavy rainfall
Seal exterior concrete cracks     X   Or as needed
Inspect exterior paint or stain       X  
Inspect and touch up, as needed, caulk around windows, doors, thresholds and roof penetrations   X     Or as needed
Inspect or touch up grout     X   Or as needed
Lube garage overhead door and tighten bolts     X    
Drain some water from bottom of water heater       X Or as directed by manufacturer's literature
Clean gutters     X   Or as needed
Operate pressure relief valve on water heater       X  
Clean window weep holes     X   Or as needed
Clean masonry weep holes     X   Or as needed
Inspect roof and chimney flashing's     X    
Inspect behind and under refrigerator and ice maker for leakage X        
Use exhaust fan in bath         Each time you bathe or shower
Use exhaust fans in utility room         Each time you wash or dry clothes
Clean lint filter         Each load of clothes you dry
Inspect wall behind washing machine for moisture X        
Inspect under dishwasher for leaks X        
Inspect hot water heater pan   X      
Examine ceiling and lower walls for discoloration or water marks X       Or following periods of rain
Ventilate home by opening several windows 3-4 inches for 30-60 minutes         Weekly
Allow daylight to enter the home as much as possible         Daily
Chimney cleaning       X Or as needed
Test for air quality/mold         After any major water leak, if air smells musty, or if you see mold or mildew

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210s New Home Maint Sched - rev 1-16-03